Reference: 1016
Serial-Nr.: 1289990
Year: 1966
Dial: Tropical Gilt Dial
Movement: Ca.1570, Automatic
Bracelet: Rivet 6636 from 1966
Condition: Very good
Description: The Rolex Explorer I. is in amazing condition.

Full set from 1966

Original receipt 1966

Sold: 12.10.1966

Garantie 12.10.1966

Caseback stamped: I.66

First rivet stretch bracelet 6636 from 1966.

Clasp stamped: 1.66

LC100 – Germany

First owner full set.

Information: The owner had his name and address engraved on the side of the case. I have never seen this in over 30 years.

price on request

ROY - ID 1343